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  1. Do whatever the FUCK , you wanna do !!!

  2. ayuandrian8888

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  3. Thanks I do it every day I can do more push ups without stoping it’s working

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  5. If I workout everyday ….wil my muscle stil grow?

  6. Any help from the comment below?

  7. Great I started yesterday w/ my max @ 10. That means i should be doing sets of 2, right? But how many sets and for how many days before i move up to 3 & so on. As far as i think i know its 15 sets everyday for 6 days straight. Do i rest on the 7th day then start back up on the 8th or jump right into the extra count following the 6th day?? Thanks for help..

  8. Yes it can

  9. Can this method be used for pull ups as well?

  10. That’s why you both have huge chests. Zyzz.

  11. I would do twice a week. Not on a day when you are sore or you’ll snap some shit. But if you’re sore, do a very light set, like 5 sets of 5. Light exercise when you’re sore helps, especially cardio.

  12. How long are you supposed to rest between days? is it every other day? or everyday?

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  14. I always heard them say 1 min in their other vids,hope I helped.

  15. TheGrandComics

    i do 23 reps of 15 every other day


    I thought you werent supposed to extend your arms all the way when youre going up?

  17. Md. Ariful Islam Arif

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  18. bangbangboogybaby

    how long to rest between sets of pushups & sets of weights?

  19. how much time between sets men ??

  20. ive taken the this idea and im wondering does doing push-ups increase size or just build lean muscle

    about 2 months ago i got the iron gym and i started doing 4 sets of 25 push-ups and 4 sets of dips i had built my way up to that…. for a couple weeks i did that then about a month ago i added an extra set to each one same reps. then i started to increase the reps in each set by one each week

    am i doing good ?

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  22. you can do push ups whenever but they’re doing a workout with it and therefore you need rest to recover and do more push ups…

  23. You guys are fucking morons. To say you can’t do push ups every day and LIFT your OWN body weight every day is absolutely absurd. Do not listen to anyone of these jokers saying only do them once or twice a weak. They are extremely ignorant.

  24. yea it can get really annoying, i had the same kind of situation on my wrists. it was frustrating. happy and safe lifting.