Real Man Strength Training Exercises

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  1. “alright guys, lets rock out somethin thats gonna be awesome!” hahaha love this guy right off the bat… I’m on board.

  2. I don’t classify myself as having “man strength”(in my eyes at least), but I have a very subjective question; how do you know if you are exercising “intensely”? I put intensely in quote because it’s different from person to person. I think it’s a relevant question. Here’s my version of an intense workout; lift til you absolutely can’t do more than half of a full repetition (sometimes I’ll go further if I’m motivated)… I don’t know is that intense @_@?

  3. he sounds like Rob Van Dam hahaha

  4. i pretty much do this action at work 5 days a week every year

  5. NotesfromAfrica

    Hell yeah, Im an all around townsend fan, i like strappng young lad too, hope to see him in march =D

  6. im totally relatin to ya there dude, my gym plays top 20 or someshit …..

    “notes from africa”… your a devin townsend/synchestra fan???

  7. He might be right he might wrong but he is definitely an annoying prick.

  8. i hate him. he use to be my gym teacher.but then he broke something in his body and he never came back.

  9. themeaningoflife38

    yeah I saw a video where Zach did 600 with a straight bar

  10. how do oyu know that is it in one of his videos?

  11. Well almost everything is crap today. My angle grinder sounds better than mtv crap.

  12. That bar you were using is awesome , whats it called and where do you get it ?

  13. Yerh i can see what you mean, but i think hes just showing us an example of what you can do, differentiating the weights and reps can make this intense stuff

  14. SymphonyofDevons

    this is definitely not endurance, and its definitely not strength. It makes no sense what so ever. Your are using nothing but pulling muscles for upper and lower, with no push muscles included. There was nothing knee dominant or ankle. Too light for strength, not enough reps for size. no plyo for power. Nothing to endur the muscle. it makes no sense at all. This whole little workout is of no benifit to anyone.

  15. – In my opinion this is not even close to a muscle endurance workout. In fact its a little too slow, easy and it would probably put me to sleep. In any case. He does seem to be using different muscle groups and low reps for each muscle group. I personally prefer intense muscle endurance/strength building routines. But I’m not expert.

    Muscle endurance is this:

  16. Wtf is this shit, this is muscle endurance not strength !

  17. themeaningoflife38

    Zach can dead lift 600lbs with a straight bar

  18. Real men do strait bar deadlifts

  19. dead on

  20. oh yea he forgot to mention the part where this exercise isn’t for beginners 0.o, this can really hurt your joints if you haven’t been weight lifting that much.

  21. yea it’s called muscle confusion, when your body gets used to the routine of workout you do it is best to either switch to a high rep low weight workout or a low rep heavy weight workout. Gives great results!

  22. This Guy in the video looks like a faggot, he is a weak punk full of shit.

  23. wow never seen that bar before…i would gravitate towards that apparatus if my gym thought to carry one! Cool stuff!

  24. i like how efficient this work out is! thats so jiujitsu!

  25. You don’t always have to do heavy to get muscle. At times, you have to do mass repetition workouts to stimulate your muscles differently; this will cause your muscles to really grow when you do move back to a heavy weight workout.