Rudy Reyes Workout – Body Weight Training

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  2. Today I started it and finished with video together. But Last Advanced exercised were impossible for me. I hope after month of training I will complete them too)
    Very motivational video.
    Thanks Rudy.

  3. Whoooaaa it’s like he’s on speed he’s so hyper! 😀 hehe

  4. its not gay if you think hes hot.

  5. Generation Kill.

  6. Aw man that brought back memories 1-0 relax!! NEVER!!!…..Military stuff lol

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  8. If you guys want a good bodyweight back/bicep exercise just do inverted rows, christ people, think for yourselves.

  9. it’s a military thing, same with 1-0.

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  12. theres nothing on biceps!!

  13. MonkeyFace77IAN

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  14. HAHAHAHA, he actually moved to San Diego!

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  16. 0:12 with that extra fruity bunny jump from no where… dude almost broke his legs

  17. AmericanJumpStart

    that was his nick name in this unit
    “its not gay if you think Rudy is hot, we all do”
    Search (generation kill-fruity rudy) he plays himself lol

  18. This guy is the real deal: USMC 1st Recon Bn. THIS MAN HAS KILLED PEOPLE. Now stfu haters.

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  20. Doing BJJ, i also do alot of sprawls. The beginner one is simply to give a good workout for someone who isnt sure how to do the sprawl in the correct manner. It says beginner for a reason.

  21. That’s an ex-Marine recon, have some respect.

  22. yep

  23. no biceps and back..-1

  24. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh do you speak arabic ?

  25. patrononice9385