Squats Then Bench, How To Build Strength Every Month

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  1. Brandon, how did you fare with the Surthrival colostrum? I have been considering taking some for some of my LFRV healing needs.

  2. i just do dynamic stretching and foam roll stretches pre workout

  3. HappierHealthierYou

    @cintronbrandon branbon whats your opinion on doing soft tissue work mobility and stability strechtes prior to working out does your warmup include these

  4. thewaterfalloflove

    I guard the secret closely so I’ll only release it if you’re in dire need 😉  Right now it looks like you’re doing awesome.

  5. aggressivekid5256


  6. Damn bro, you’ve picked up crazy weight since November. That’s what’s up man, keep pushing!

  7. whats the secret, im curious :D

  8. to lift more weight, you arch your back, it creates leverage and shortens the distance between bar and chest, but this is a power lift, it doesnt isolate your chest, it makes your incorporate all muscles, not just shoulder and chest like if you were to keep your back straight

  9. HappierHealthierYou

    @cintronbrandon nice hip drive brandon, dude im purchasing rippetoe ebook if you want a copy send your email to my inbox.

  10. sooo…should i not be keeping my back straight against the bench when doing the bench press? I lift with 10-5 pounds on each side (I’m sort of a beginner) but my trainer taught me to keep my back flat. Lately i’ve been seeing all these vids with people arching their back. Is this for heavier weights? thanks! 🙂

  11. GainMuscleFastReview

    Great job man! BEAST MODE!!! Have you ever heard of this before? YouTube Watch/ NjunYx1I0Tc

  12. some good advice from brandon cintron!

  13. Awesome, Brandon! Thx!

  14. about 10-15 min of dynamic stretching

  15. do you warm up 

  16. thewaterfalloflove

    Nice weight. My one rep max ever on bench is only 265. I can’t do that now though. If you ever hit a plateu in your max let me know and I will share a secret that will blow through it and move you over 300.