Strength Conditioning and Training for Dance

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  1. do stretching & technique too - not just choreo & have lots of fun!

  2. My friends and i r starting a dance crew any tips?

  3. Tekcham Malemnganbi

    y in dis vid u dint introduce n wat place was it dance studio or soething else

  4. vanessa bernate

    katrina you are pretty and flex

  5. make sure you plant your supporting foot & pull up holding your core, also be sure to spot

  6. I need help on pump turns… Lately i keep traveling when i do them like i keep moving a little bit to the right when turning and idk why!

  7. depends - every year is different – usually 10-15

  8. How many hours do you guys practice per week?

  9. In gymnastics it’s called a hollow hold but I think banana hold is a better name

  10. kat is 13 & sloane is 14

  11. how old r u girls

  12. kat is about 5ft 1 & sloane is about 5 ft 4

  13. you guys seem tall, are you?

  14. this really works thanks so much

  15. it was filmed @ creative edge dance studios

  16. Where was this filmed? Didn’t look like your usual place(s). By the way I love your videos! I’m a HUGE fan!! Keep it up!!

  17. gymnasticsislife1128

    omg i paused it i did the banana for a minute

  18. Haha fit and fab

  19. no

  20. Is soalones belly button pierced??

  21. no

  22. and katrina!!!

  23. no – friends since 3

  24. check out our vid for upper body flexibility – also some strength tips

  25. Could you do tutorials for strengthening your arms too?