Strength Training And Conditioning For Parkour 2

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  1. chikachikaslimshady1

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  2. Oh, ok. Thanks a lot!

  3. You might need to strengthen the tendons in your fingers. This is something which will improve naturally with time as you train. Hanging, traversing and climbing will all help. Tendons may take longer to strengthen than muscles, so it will be a gradual process. Over time though, and with regular training, you’ll notice less pain in your fingers and you should be able to hang onto walls, bars etc for longer without discomfort.

  4. i really hope no one tries that ’80 foot jump

  5. This is very cool. I’ve got a problem, though. Whenever I’m hanging on a bar or an edge, my fingers hurt. I think my fingers are ok, but they hurt. When I’m carrying a shopping bag by its handles it also hurts. Do you know anything I could do to fix that?

  6. Sure. Practicing climb ups will develop the muscles and technique you’ll use in various climbing activities. It’s also good for developing explosive power in the upper body.

  7. superstrongholdkapo

    Does this makes you better in sex?

  8. really nice vid! ispirational as hell guys! I am 36 (today) and am a laborer for brick layers so i get alot of strength training at work alone but need to kick it up a notch. thanks for the vid, keep it up guys!

  9. would doing climb ups every day when training condition your body and help speed with climbing ?

  10. cool

  11. Putting aside the impure thoughts I’m having about, well, all of you, but mostly Dave, this is very impressive stuff. Is 50 too old to start on this?

  12. Very good video!!! tha real shit, but where all black man?

  13. lol and i was impressed when i could do a few pull ups

  14. There are animals all over the planet we live that are way stronger machines than humans.

  15. Any tips for just starting parkour?

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  17. We do some kettlebell training, and occasionally use weight vests too.

  18. We have one dedicated conditioning session per week, but I do at least some conditioning most days.

  19. burtbenediction

    hey guys do you do any weight lifting of any kind other than body weight.

  20. How often do you guys train like this?

  21. Any time which fits in with your own schedule.

  22. Or alternatively, trust YOURSELF instead, and gain an understanding through experience and practice.

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  24. Therebelions123

    inspired me right there

  25. what is a good time for training parkour ?