Strength training for Parkour

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  1. Yo, have you wondered this method called the Max Muscle Method? (do a google search). My mate says it gets people bulging with muscle.

  2. pubic bro seriously? there kids watching this vids

  3. sacas mas fuerza haciendo planchas parado de manos que echado

  4. during how much time i must do a each exercise? :

  5. Never mind I just read the description lol.

  6. I understand the roll breaks the shock of a fall but 60 feet his pelvis and whole lower body should have been in shambles no way that was a 60 ft drop.

  7. crustygymshorts

    Can you guys give me tips on how to increase my planche strength? You can see my video on my page to give me tips how to get to a straddle planche from the tuck planche that I can only do now. Any help will be appreciated.

  8. Yes. Sometimes we see people who pay to exercise attempting something similar under the supervision of a personal trainer. This is free though!

  9. u guys do this in pubic?

  10. it would be cool f you could do a beginner strength and conditioning video of exersises we could use to build up to flags and muscle ups.

  11. Great workout technique . i ll b doin it 2 😉

  12. If you want to, no one else can decide for you, obviously your showing interest in it, so yeah why not???

  13. damn…You guys should be personal trainers!

  14. There was an original soundtrack, of course, but it got muted due to copyright issues. This is just one of the Youtube tracks which I’ve replaced the soundtrack with just so it can be viewed. It’s far from ideal though.

  15. is it me or was there no music in this vid before?

  16. Question: as a high school student do you think I shud Take Gymnastic???

  17. Hi, have you thought about this thing called the MegaMax Muscle Maker? (go search google). My buddy says it helps people get ripped fast.

  18. Aha, the Gym’s just down there. lol

  19. lol what about Irvine, CA cuz i feel the same way as mladen639. i just cant find many places to train except for schools that have staircases, ledges, railing ect.

  20. can u condition everyday?

  21. that is really hard !!! lol , i tried for 2 days then have to rest for a week LOL…maybe i’ve done too much for the first time…i was so amazed by this vid that’s why !!!

  22. I feel like this is how spiderman works out!!

  23. Anyone know the name of this song? Thnx!

  24. TheAldinBasicShow

    “Gym’s down there” lol those bloaks probably couldn’t last 10 seconds in a feat of strength and agility vs you guys.

  25. at 8:08 he really did it for 2 hours?