Strength Training for Runners

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  1. I’m a marathon runner

  2. Marathon dates back to the ancient Greece when a Greek man runs for miles only to inform the Greeks that the Persian invasion were repulsed in a battle known as the Battle of Marathon. unfortunately,i don’t know the exact date it happened but i can recommend marathon athletes viewing this video complete marathon and half marathon training guides. plz contact me through if u r interested in marathon training.tq

  3. But they have nothing to do with strength!

  4. I’m in marathon training right now and these exercises are super helpful. THANKS for sharing your expertise.

  5. sobeachbootcamp

    Thanks for your question. These exercises are just for running efficiency and injury prevention.

  6. Does this helpt for soccer sprinting speed?

  7. xxloveisonitswayxx12

    excellent video and information!! thks!

  8. thanks alot this really helped me out training for my first ever half marathon

  9. to whoever posts this video thanks a lot!!!!

  10. this is such a helpful video, thanks

  11. JennyMercury123

    very good video, thanks a lot!