Super Strength Training Gymnastics Athlete Body Weight Workout

Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. LogBitingGiraffe

    lets have more!

  2. I’m letting you know, more! 🙂

  3. How long did it take you to get a body like that?! :O

  4. wtf? 0:50 DDR flag??

  5. I really love to learn the virgin flare!!!

  6. anyone know or got vid og how they weight train?? physique is amazingggg

  7. Brings back great memories.  Props to Mike.

  8. gymnastics videos are awesome, but u have yet to do any tutorials really on them. not too much has been done besides show off, id like more explanation of how to do this

  9. More videos with mike and gymnastics PLEASE!

  10. MORE!!!!!

  11. Would love to see more please..

  12. whats is his full name ? Mike… ?


    Hello sexy

  14. Georgie0Dance0Box

    this guy is good more vids!!!

  15. TrazadorDeSonidos

    Mike is really impressive!
    Great strength!
    I want tons of tutorials and videos about him!
    He’s such an inspiration!

  16. This is pretty much the ideal form a body could be in . . .

    Strong, flexible and I bet my ass that he’s fast as hell, too . . .

  17. Wtf new hope gymnastics?! I been there, ive actually seen this guy tumbling and all this jazz for hrs straight.. Trippy. Small world. So cal

  18. whatever 142 lbs. is? I’m getting a little heavy from rings strength atm but i’m only 3% body fat still…no dieting

  19. dertypmitderfrisur4

    why is there a gdr flag in your gym?

  20. pommel horse.

  21. What’s the thing he’s spinning on called?

  22. happyorangeanimation

    whenever I see things like this I just think about how much of a state my elbows would be in afterwards…

  23. i want totorial and more vidioes. you are so good.
    pleas look at my videos

  24. so how can i prac better lift offs for floor because i cant land my front flips

  25. Wow awesome! I wish he would tell what the regular gymnast training day is like. Does he do exercises on the rings only for one days or bars only on the other, or does he mix them all up? Tell us everything! 😀