The Secrets of Being Fit

Ethiopian running legend Haile Gebrselassie, at forty years of age, is still giving younger athletes a run for their money. He told that his presence in the international athletics has nothing to do with good foods or the newest gadgets. The important thing is mind.

Gebrselassie is a double Olympic gold medalist in ten thousand meters, 2 times world record breaker as well as a 4 time world champion. He told that one needs to have 3 things – hard work, discipline and commitment.

It is the discipline that drives Gebrselassie to take part in training two times a day as well as clock a daily average of thirty five kilometers. Getting ready for a big race gives a target to commit to. Some of his top level training comes before a big event.

At the height of his powers Gabreselassie used to dominate the sports betting markets, with Unibet routinely offering short odds on him breaking world records.

The legend admitted that his workload is not at all getting easier – with ever present pains and middle aged aches. One of the secrets is accepting the pain; and one would not gain without the pain.

In spite of his fame and wealth, he still eats what the other people eat and does not like processed Western foods. He eats Ethiopia’s staple injera and lots of raw meat. His home nation is also an ideal place to train – with high altitude and weather. According to him, age is just a number. He still begins his day running in the green hills.

At home, Gebrselassie’s achievements are just rivaled by Abebe Bikila, who won gold in the 1960 Rome Olympic Games running barefoot.

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