Tutorial – Intense Cardio Exercise Workout

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  1. You’re welcome and we certainly will. Glad you’re getting some benefit from the videos. Have a great day and enjoy your travels.

  2. thankyou so much! I am travelling at the moment and really wanted something to help keep me fit! keep making the videos!

  3. WhatsHappening783402

    Took 4 minutes to show how to do a push up? No wonder the dude looks like shit

  4. Thanks for your comment on our video however in case you missed it , this video is a TUTORIAL on HOW TO DO the various exercises in the INTENSE CARDIO EXERCISE workout. Give the workout a go, IF you can keep up that is, because it is very intense and it is designed for you to work at your level. Either way if it’s not INTENSE, then you’re not working hard enough and your choice of level in the exercise is TOO easy, hence the TUTORIAL. Looking forward to your post workout response.

  5. Guys.. Even from the start, this is not cardio, but strength training. Cardio is exercises that gets your heart pumping…

  6. Thank you for your comment.

  7. You’re welcome, we are happy to have helped.

  8. iqbalnaveedable

    super lovely

  9. We felt that doing a video without formality and exactly the way we do it would be more REAL ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and we are even more motivated knowing that we are inspiring others.

  10. Thanks for your comments and we are happy that you’re getting some value out of our videos.

  11. thanks for the cardio advice

  12. I love watching your workouts! Very inspiring!

  13. WOW! What a great workout video! I will so do some if not all of these workouts at home! Really cool! 🙂 Con,You are hilarious!