Ultimate Tactical Mercenary Build (Strength Tank) – 10 Killstreaks Uncut – Epic Duel

Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. I dont like the music tht u use for some videos.

  2. No, that’s not a good idea. If you’re doing that much damage without grenades then you don’t need to change classes.

  3. EDJesusisOnline

    Ughh, decision is so hard to make.
    My maic goal right now is to get the 100,000 vault damage cheevo and right now i have 33,000.
    I am simply asking fro you advice since i have 2500 varium and im currently a cyber hunter that does 250-325 damage to the vault, do you think it is a good idea to go str/dex tact ?

  4. I just switched to TLM earlier and so far it’s going well, even though damage against the Vault is relatively low compared to regular BH. I usually don’t like to answer “should I” questions, so I can only say that TLM is not underpowered.

  5. EDJesusisOnline

    OK, 1 more question, I currently am a cyber hunter should i switch for tactical mercenary or is it underpowered ?

  6. It’s both an advantage and a disadvantage. You gain defense points, but lose resistance points. It all depends on how you distribute your stat points though. I say go for it.

  7. EDJesusisOnline

    Is it still viable if I replace your bunny armor that has +9 resistance with my delta knight that gives +5 def and resist ?

  8. Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely try that.

  9. I haven’t tested it in recent times since I switched to another class, but I’m confident that it would still work against BMs. It’s also effective in Juggernaut battles. Just remember that Atom Smash is your best friend.

  10. I have 2 more questions.

    1. Is this build still good against Strength blood mages right now?
    2. Is this build any good for juggernaut battles?

  11. Ah i see. Thanks for the reply.

  12. During the testing and refining phase of this build’s development, I lost several battles that could’ve been won had Double Strike been more powerful. I only use it when I’m near death and rage is not available. You may also notice I use a lot of regular Strikes. This is to take advantage of the primary’s special ability. It does roughly the same amount of damage as double strike but without an energy cost and it cannot be blocked. It’s perfectly fine to allocate the 3 points elsewhere.

  13. In all those battles if I’m not mistaken you didn’t use double strike once. Can you explain why you put 3 points into it? Wouldn’t they be better served in field medic or mineral armor?

  14. What build would you reccomend for a lvl 31? Here are my stats. All my skills in my skill tree are the same except for atom smasher which is level 7.
    Health – 65
    Energy – 45
    Strength – 52 + 4
    Dexterity – 47 + 25
    Technology – 59 + 27
    Support – 32 + 27

  15. I saw it, but you need to be level 33+ to join.

  16. sorry for the capss


  18. my characterpage is steven1852

  19. Send me a PM with your character page URL and I’ll get back to you if you qualify.

  20. ha drekon can you meet me smowhere tell me the world and time i really want to join your faction

  21. This build is badass blood mage slayer right now, but smokers and high dex&tech mages still have a chance.

  22. Hello

  23. Do you use king drekon cause if u don’t want it I wonder if I can have it if u want to I got hacked and don’t want to start over emai reply me If yes or no then email me at muadhb124@hotmail.com thx

  24. I don’t think it’s worth it. Better to stay a Blood Mage and get super fast wins, but when you get tired of losing to the other OP builds, then this is a good release. Varium is too valuable so I only switch classes with Credits these days. It only takes a few days to get 50k Credits if you’re determined.