Univ of Kentucky Football Strength & Conditioning Summer 2011

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  7. whats the rick ross song @ 7:20

  8. 5:40 what’s the name of the music ?

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  11. Graham Thalacker

    2 wins = good. LOL Kentucky sucks

  12. Graham Thalacker

    totally agree UK sucks. GO Ducks

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  15. 7:20 you can see the top 7 French tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga training

  16. gj, shit music tho

  17. No they do not, I even tried semi pro and said the same thing.

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  20. I believe you, looking at the endof the bars the weights are on they look huge!

  21. are u going to a junior college right now that has a football team?

  22. whats the second lil wayne song? at 52 seconds

  23. I wish I got picked up for college ball, every recruiter said I was too small

  24. Bulletmonkey12

    what were those high tops that kid had on?