William Barton – Using Water to Build Strength

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  1. How much do you ask for 2 good didgeridoo´s in red eucaliptus one in the key of F for fast play and another in the key of D for metitation and more chill sound with that octave high tech booth eheh. By the way niçe job that you are making on the Didgeridoo World.

  2. imagine how many fish he catches using that technique. Love it

  3. TheFirstDidjeridude

    you can still barely hear it ‘neath the water..

  4. this guy has to have the hugest bong hits ever

  5. If you’re a didge player and want a role model, you found the master. Long live William Barton!

  6. Awesome! I’ve been looking for a strength exercise technique. Great vid, thanks to both Wills 😉 I think I’ll use a pvc didge though, lol.

  7. how fitting for a WET didge. good idea to build endurance–make sure your didge is epoxied before you stick it in the water

  8. Cre8iveSignWorks

    ”cheers bro”

  9. greatorderofchaos