Youth Strength & Conditioning | Class Example #1

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  1. Amanda Linekar

    Focus on the technique, or else there is going to be some serious injuries
    in the future. 

  2. I agree with Mark and Jim.
    It’s great to have kid active and all, but that’s like building a house
    with rotting lumber..
    You should have them learn proper form taught, checked, and verified before
    anything else. This type of sporadic movement and using resistance along
    with improper movement WILL set improper movement into their muscle memory,
    which takes far less repetition to cause than it does to fix.
    It also causes them to be more likely to get injuries (worse than the “I
    skinned my knee” or tripping) not only at the place but also in the future.

  3. Fitness By Design Inc

    Miles you are super awsome and super fast!! Coach Rob

  4. Hey coach rob it’s Miles! I’m awesome

  5. thumbs up if you like Youth Strength & Conditioning | Class Example #1

  6. Can you please coach form and have less wild conditioning? The little girl
    on the blue box has crazy Q-angle issues and you are only reinforcing them.
    And the cross-body arms during running? Stop the kids, coach ’em up, and
    then return to class.

  7. What about technique? Check the heights of the plyo boxes and kettle bell
    swings? Coach them up to do it right, only reinforcing bad habits…


  9. Curious, where are you located out of? I am a personal trainer in Colorado
    and would like to maybe talk sometime.